Code of Conduct for Playing Members

Worthing Cricket Club has created a specific code of conduct for playing members related to their membership of Worthing Cricket Club.

As a player representing Worthing Cricket Club you are expected to abide by the following playing members’ Code of Conduct:

  1. I will play in the team for which I have been selected. The decision to select me for a team will be made by the Chairman of Selectors, with advice from captains and selection will be based upon performance, availability and reliability. If unsure of the reasons for being dropped I must arrange a time to talk with the Chairman of Selectors or anyone else involved in the team selection.
  2. Teams will be selected by the Wednesday of the week leading up to a Saturday fixture.
  3. My subscription to Worthing Cricket Club will be paid no later than May 31st of the season for which it is relevant.
  4. I will sign a standing order form in order to pay my match fees, but if that is not possible, my match fees will be paid on the day of the game to the club member who is collecting the money for the team in which I am playing.
  5. I will inform the selection committee of my availability for a game as early as possible – preferably at least one week in advance. I should understand that the later I make people aware of my availability, the more likely that I may not be able to get a game.
  6. I will avoid dropping out of a match after Wednesday of the week of that match. I understand if I do drop out of a match after a Wednesday there is no guarantee that I will be able to play in the following match.
  7. I will do my upmost to attend any club events, understanding that member support for these events is what allows the club to make cricket available to me and the other members of the club through fund raising.