20th November, 2020 at 11:07 am

Ordering of New Matchday Shirts

Knowing that many people would like to tie in the buying of kit with their Xmas gift purchases, we have spoken to Broadwater Sports about the need to fulfil potential orders ahead of Xmas and have agreed that we will collate one joint order for them to process.
They currently believe that they can secure the necessary stock in time for a pre-Xmas delivery, for as long as they receive an order from us by NEXT Thursday 26th November. So if you would like to ensure you have your shirt in time for a pre-Xmas delivery, please send your requests to:

dkworthingcc@gmail.com and cc: hannahtim@ntlworld.com.

We will confirm receipt of your order by return email. If you do not hear from us by the end of the day you send your order in, please message Debs on 07312 093151 or Tim on 07974 830781.

When ordering, we will need the following details:
Player Type: i.e. Senior or Junior

Player’s Surname: NB: If you know we have more than one player in the club with the same surname, please add your initial.

Player’s No.: If known, or state “required” if the recipient is yet to have a number allocated

Size: Please refer to size options as listed on Broadwater Sports’ website, if you are unsure of your preferred size

Confirmation of shirt type:
  • Junior short sleeve – £30.00
  • Adult short sleeve – £36.00
  • Adult long sleeve – £39.00

Contact Phone Number

Please be aware that payment is to be made on collection from Broadwater Sports.
It is important that we make you aware that Broadwater Sports are at the mercy of any further Government restrictions with regards to Covid-19, but all things being equal, they expect to be able to get your shirts to you in time for Xmas for as long as they receive our order by the specified deadline.
If you would like to see an example of what the new shirts look like, you can find an updated graphic on Broadwater Sports’ site here.
Please note that shirts can be ordered at any time, so this is intended for those who would like to tie in the buying of a shirt with Xmas.
Please also note that this information applies to match shirts only.