20th June, 2020 at 7:33 am

News Update #5

Latest for this week…

  • The Sussex Cricket League has confirmed that the Senior League programme for 2020 has been abandoned and is now looking at other options including an ‘August Cup’. The full statement can be found here
  • The Club will be emailing a newsletter to all its members detailing what this latest announcement means and what will be happening in the coming weeks
  • The transition of email addresses over to Play-Cricket is on-going. Some of you may have received auto messages from Play-Cricket as part of this process – please bear with us while we complete this move.
  • Former fast-bowling club legend, Anthony Aduhene, is the latest subject in our ‘Manor Ground Memories‘ feature. Please take time to read these short dips into our past (and to add a comment) for a bit of club nostalgia

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