Net Usage During Lockdown Restrictions

Following recent ECB guidance, the club is pleased to announce that the nets can be used from this Thursday onwards. The usage must be monitored and approved by the club and so there are some processes and protocols to be aware of.

Firstly, only 2 people (observing social distancing) OR multiple people from the same household can use the net. One lane will be opened initially and the club will leave one set of stumps out but otherwise, you must use your own equipment. A first-aid kit and hand sanitising equipment will also be provided. It is important to note that there will be additional information displayed clearly on the nets which you must read when you arrive. A club representative will also be on site to open/close-up and to ensure only authorised users are using the nets. As such, the opening times are:

Weekdays 6pm-8pm (2 x 45 min slots with a break in between)
Weekends: 2pm-6pm (4x 45 min slots with a break in between).

There will be no usage outside of these times and all bookings will be made through an online booking system. Bookings must be made a minimum of 1 day before (cut off 10pm) to allow me to review, approve and advise the club representative who to expect.

We are not averse to people using two consecutive slots (particularly for those bigger family/household sharing groups) but do ask that you respect the fact that we will only have one net available in the short term. Therefore, we only have 18 slots per week and we will monitor usage to make sure it is fair and equitable. We may ask you to forego a slot from time to time.

The booking system we are using is called Skedda.

However, in order to make a booking, you will need me to set you up as a user. To do this you need to send John Kaye a personal WhatsApp (or SMS to 07961 980477) with your name and email address. He will set you up and send you a link and some safety information to complete your registration. When booking, please ensure you book for the full 45 minute slot that is available (the site is set up on 15 min intervals). Any problems, please reach out and so John can help.

Apologies for the rigour required but we have to stress that monitoring and recording usage is a critical requirement.