Junior Squad Numbers

1H. Merritt-Blann21B. Jeswani41Hedger6181
2 T. Merritt-Blann22H. Jeswani426282
3 Elliman23Bell4363Allenby-Byrne83
4T. Hector24Wheeler44Ringshall6484
6 S. Kalakonda26Khan4666M. Kalakonda86
7 O. Kaye27Fuller476787
8F. Watkins28Rees48Trelfa6888
9Whitehouse29Clapp49A. Watkins6989
10 Lehmann30Edmonds507090Good
11 Watson31Thomson51Robinson7191
13 Andrews33Smith53Wenham7393
153555Bryson-Perryman75E. Burgess95
16 Caulfield3656Taylor7696
17Hannington-Hodge37Butler57F. Burgess77Simpson97
19 Drewett3959Scott7999I. Hector
20 Howell40D. Kaye6080

Current Squad Numbers for our Juniors are listed here. Once allocated, these numbers stay with each player through their time with Worthing CC Juniors. When selecting a club shirt, each Junior will be asked to select a number from those available in the list above.

There are two sets of squad numbers at Worthing CC: Seniors (blue) and Juniors (red). As Junior players move up into the Senior squad or make way, squad numbers previously allocated will be made available for new Juniors joining the club.

Please let us know if you should be on this list via the “Contact Us” page.